ACISO – ASSOCIAÇÃO EMPRESARIAL OURÉM – FÁTIMA is an association of unlimited duration, private law and public utility, non-profit and represents natural or legal persons that perform or represent any business activity, in the municipality of Ourém.

In terms of the main services provided we can present the following:
• Support for licensing, operation and business development;
• Economic consulting;
• Business dynamization actions;
• Information and legal support;
• Dissemination of knowledge and promotion of professional qualification;
• Certified professional training;
• Support for the creation of new companies, through the CEO – Business Center of Ourém;
• Technical support for the consolidation of projects, as an entity certified under the National Microcredit Program and as EPAT – Entity Provider of Technical Support for the projects presented to the IEFP – Employment and Vocational Training Institute;
• Clarification and orientation for the elaboration of investment projects;
• Development of international promotion actions of Fatima;
• Clarification Sessions;
• Promotion of meetings and business missions;
• Publication of the journal “InfoAciso”.

CompanyACISO – Business Association Ourém – Fátima

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