Dr. Samir CONSTANTINI, French biologist doctor with Syrian origin, was an intern of the Hospitals.

One day his Syrian wife presented to him Aleppo soap.

This soap was impressive: indeed, it moisturizes and heal problem skin like acne, psoriasis and eczema

In 2004, he went to Aleppo, and made his first soap purchase. This led to the creation of Alepia which was distributed at first in pharmacies.

Dr. CONSTANTINI stopped his medical activity in 2008 to devote himself to his passion for natural products: Aleppo soap and its derivatives (shower gels, shampoos …)

In 2014, because of the war in Syria and the difficulty of getting supplies of Aleppo soap, Dr CONSTANTINI built his factory in France, in Santeny (94).

Alepia offers traditional Syrian Aleppo soap, as well as natural and organic skincare products made in France.

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