Isabelle ANSELOT: “Being in fashion means succeeding at no longer being in fashion.”

“It is through sensations and feelings that fashion is created and lived”

“Being in fashion means succeeding at no longer being in fashion.”

Isabelle Anselot

These days, there are trends that go beyond fashion. The first is the notion of savoir-faire, a quality that is increasingly valued, recognised and sought-after. The ‘Manteau de Maison’ (Home Coat) gives people a real sensory experience. Then comes a very attractive notion, that of personalisation. And finally, there’s a yearning for uniqueness in a product.

Such fundamental values are perfectly embodied in the designs created by Parisian fashion designer Isabelle ANSELOT for her eponymous label ANSELOT ART DESIGN. Far from belonging to the past, these creations open up new horizons.

My inspiration and my Proposals for an experience of Beauty:

Drawing her inspiration from the Banyan, a late 19th-century indoor coat, the Dressing Gown and the Kimono, Isabelle ANSELOT has re-invented the Manteau d’Interieur (Indoor Coat)/ ‘Manteau de Maison’ as an ode to the golden days of haute couture.


I don’t like to talk about is as a label, but rather as true creativity reacting to a demand, to a new way of life in which aesthetics and emotion are more present than ever. When Luxury meets Experience, the result is “Luxperience”. My “indoor wardrobe” is a treasure chest of indoor coats that fall softly about your shoulders, embracing you. Symbolising the concept of time and of comfort, it’s all about ritual and stage-setting. Anselot Art Design, specialists in Indoor Coats, an exquisite blend of dressing gown and city coat, fashion that perfectly matches our times. Free-flowing designs, unhindered yet bursting with hedonism. The art of being at home in the utmost elegance; the art of receiving guests into intimacy with grace.

My clothing line is a “creative” one in that it offers the client a whole experience, a ritual for which it sets the stage.


Nietzsche believed that life and the world should be seen as works of art. This was the notion that inspired me to create a Metamorphosis of the client through the aesthetic experience of clothing.

Playing on beauty and emotion throughout the different times of day. Every hour has its outfit, every hour has its way of approaching the moments that go by… Every hour is a lifestyle fantasy. Life is like a movie.

Sequence of life:

So, through the intimacy of clothing that transgresses the unwritten rules of In and Out, and through the notion of ritual, the client, like a writer sitting down at his writing-table or an actor putting on his costume to play his role, is emotionally drawn into the scene that is set: and there, where day meets night, where colours and details disappear, the client comes on stage.

This is a wardrobe that can be worn at just as well at home or at the hotel, for an after-work reunion in your apartments or a Brunch downstairs at home.

The Indoor Wardrobe offers 3 different ranges:

  • N°1: Exclusive Prestige
    Showcase of Artisan / Artist work = Embroidery, Textile design, Exquisite fabrics, Velvet
  • N°2 : Aristocratic Chic
    More minimalistic textile, tone on tone patterns, Beautiful finishing, Work
  • N°3 : Premium
    More casual textile, sobriety in detail, purity in line
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