Here at Salvest we always want to produce only from the best ingredients. We know our farmers and we try to be as local as possible. 70% of all our raw materials come within a range of 100km. Our main export articles are organic baby food and organic supersmoothies. We call our baby food a ‘high-tec’ baby food because we develop our production in cooperation with the paediatricians and all products are tested on babies before the launch. We don’t use any preservatives and additives, we use only pure ingredients. For partners, we offer a long-term relationships because our main strategy is to establish our own brands. Building a new brand in a completely new market takes a lot of investment and support, therefore we always contribute our resources into different sales and marketing activities. Before the cooperation, we always meet our partners face-to-face and invite them over to see the production. It is important to know and feel the products before start.

CompanySalvest Ltd
SectorOrganic Food

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