Testimonials from our exhibitors in 2018

“Great staff, very helpful. Loved the looks of the different booths. It was an amazing learning experience and we are so honoured to be the first Romanian fashion brand to have a fashion show in Vietnam.”

“EuroShere met my expectations with well-organized B2B meetings. Thank you! Good job, well done!”

“Overall, it was a great experience. The staff and organizers were extremely helpful. It was a great place to find people from the same business sphere and to exchange the experience with each other.”

Laura Fontan Pardo, Manager of Chula, Spain

“I would recommend EVBN and EuroSphere to my business network. It was a well-organized event with a good image, and with a well organized team with a service-focused orientation.”

“Did EuroSphere meet my expectations? YES, perfect. I have a very good overview of the market & elements to build a strategy.The team is strongly dedicated. Great job to all the little bees! Thanks to all.”

“EuroSphere did meet my expectation and provided us with the opportunity to promote our brand towards new business prospects as well as the public.”

Testimonials from our exhibitors in 2017

“This is the right EU Networking. We were proud to be selected, and we will promote this!”

ACL Impex - Amalia, Portugal

“Although it was the premiere event of this type in Vietnam, the organisation was slotless. All the staffs did their utmost to satisfy all our needs as exhibitors. The B2B meetings were well organized.”

Louis de Poortere , Belgium

“I appreciate the fact that to organize this kind of event for the first time is hard!! I found the EVBN manager and team are very responsive, rather accurate and generous.”

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